Grilled Kimcheese Sandwich


So what is kimchi good for?  Well the most simplest best thing besides some rice and a protein (egg, meat, shoe leather...) is the Grilled Kimcheese Sandwich.  You're taking what's good and making it even better.  To paraphrase Newton, your kimchi is "standing on the shoulders of giants."  You are taking a divine edible creation of Edenic paradigms and adding an extra slice of Heaven that the original creator never envisioned...  Instant upgrade.  

The best thing about this recipe is that you already know what to do.  You heat up a pan on low, drop a fat pat of butter, take 2 slices of bread, put some cheese in between,  then mash that 'wich down on the buttered pan til the butter's all soaked up,  Flip when golden brown, use more butter then do the same thing on the other side.  

Except this time, after you put down a layer of cheese, and before you put the other slice of bread on top. Put a layer of kimchi on top and cover the cheese kind of like you were playing Tetris. (You know, this piece fits here, if I slide this piece I can put this big piece down here...)  

 What's great is how the taste of the kimchi changes dramatically.  Deeper and more mellow, yet still very robust.  This recipe's great too cause I don't have to tell You what type of cheese and what type of bread to get.  I just know that this is going to make what ever you like even better...




Kimchi Salsa (Pica de gallo con kimchi daikonolio)


This recipe is a really great way to enjoy one of what I think is a best snacks in the world.  Chips and salsa.  However, this takes this really simple and fresh recipe and makes it even better! Healthier too!

Start with the ingredients you see below



Take the tomatoes and dice into 1/2 in cubes by cutting the tomatoes in half then

cutting length and width wise.  I know you're supposed to scoop out the seeds and

what not, but I think that stuff has lots of tomatoey flavor so I like to keep it.  

Or I'm just lazy.


Anyhoo, after the tomatoes do the same for the onions.  Except with the onions,

try to make the pieces as small as possible.  I love onions but I hate getting

a big bite of raw onion in salsa.  Now a bagel with lox and the works is another

story all together.



Juice 2 whole limes. Not lemons. Limes.  There's a difference.  And god forbid

you use that little green plastic grenade of lime juice from concentrate.  When

you are making something that only has about 4 or 5 ingredients, all the ingredients

need to be top notch. So no short cuts here.  Concentrate is not cool.

(I know there are 4 limes in the picture but I thought I was going to need more juice

and I ended up not needing as much as I thought.  The limes were really big and juicy.)


Next thing you want to do is to dice up your daikon kimchi into smaller pieces

by cutting them up like they were mini rubik's cubes'.  This is kinda tedious

and you feel kinda silly cutting these tiny little pieces but it makes sense for

the salsa so just try to not feel silly and eat too many of the pieces.


Mince the cilantro and then mix everything together.  Tomatoes, lime juice, kimchi, onions, and cilantro.

Maybe add a pinch of salt if it needs it.  Winter tomatoes?  Could use a spoonful of sugar

to make up for the cold months.  Makes this much.



Eat as quickly as possible.   This is good for at least 4 people.  So if you are throwing

a big party you might want to make more.   Fresh pico de gallo is crack.  This is crack

that is good for you tho.   Great with corn chips or I guess any type of chip for that matter.  

Provides a very fresh and tangy counter balance topped on fish or savory proteins.  Super

tasty and all the good benefits of eating pro biotics! 





Greek Yogurt and Kimchi Paste


Take some Greek Yogurt.  Mix in some Kimchi Paste.  Around a table spoon per cup of yogurt.  Use some more if you want.  Makes a great spread.  Put on top of sandwiches, use as a dip for vegetables, great with fried fish and carrot sticks too.  Keep refrigerated though you can bring a bottle of it everywhere like someone I know...


(Big ups to Bonnie TXXXXXX for this recipe.  So simple and soooo good!)




End(s) of Summer Soup


I call this the “End(s) of Summer Soup,” because it’s what I do with leftover grilled vegetables that I don’t know what else to do with. You know them well: the couple veggie kabobs that didn't get eaten, the slices of grilled eggplant that you forgot on the grill...they all go perfectly in this soup, with a little extra spice from my Mama O’s Kimchi Paste. And it’s vegan to boot. Here’s how I do it -- it’s barely a recipe:

1. In a medium pot, combine 2 cups of water and 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons of Mama O's Premium Vegan Kimchi Paste. Then add about a cup of leftover vegetables from the grill; if they are large -- like long strips of eggplant -- cut them into bite-size pieces.

2. Bring everything to a boil, and cook for a few minutes so that the flavors can meld. Add bit of watercress or a few sprouts if you have them on hand, then serve alongside rice, or just by itself. 

3. Feel free to add some fresh fish, a few bits of leftover cooked hamburger, some steak kabob pieces -- I do not, however, recommend leftover hot dogs.