Kimchi P-Popcorn!

Kimchi P-Popcorn!

This amazing idea for a treat came to me as a gift from the sky.  I was talking to Alex, the founder of Pilot Kombucha and she said to me that the favorite way she eat's MMO's Kimchi Paste is on popcorn and I was floored!  What?!?!?!  How???  What??? Who???  I had to know!


So after a bit of trial and error we came up with what we think is the best way to make this stuff.  


First things first, 100% coconut oil.  Accept no substitutes!  Yeah the stuff is expensive, but what else tastes as good and since the popcorn is gonna be covered with this stuff and you are the one eating it...  Eat the good stuff. 


Use a big pot with high walls or a pan with a large domed lid.  Dial up heat to 350 (med-hi heat) add 2 table spoons of coconut oil to pan with 3 unpopped kernels.

Mix 1/2 cup popping corn with 2 table spoons of Mama O's Premium Vegan Kimchi Paste.  Stir lightly.

When test kernels have popped, remove, then throw in corn/paste mix and SHAKE IT!  


The second the mix hits the pan, your kitchen will be filled with this amazing hunger pang inducing scent bomb.  But when you eat it... The coconut oil gives an ethereal air to the freshly popped corn that has just mixed with roast garlic and ginger.  And if you are eating this the proper way by grabbing a handful and stuffing your face with it... The first thing you taste in the back of your throat are the effervescent coconut vapors that you inhale with every bite reminding you how different and good life can be.


It take a good three minutes of you shaking stupid pan around so that it doesn't burn.  The majority don't pop til the end so you come up with a lot of jokes the first two minutes.  And I think it actually counts as exercise or one Crossfit session.

Music by Captain Planet!