Pineapple Mango Kimchi Paste Shrimp

Pineapple Mango Kimchi Paste Shrimp


The title just about says it all.  Sweet juicy pineapple mixing with our aromatic garlic heavy kimchi paste with tangy mango (ripe or un ripe either go great!) and shrimp with summer veggies is heaven.

What I like about this dish besides the amazing intense eating pleasure it is, is that it is super easy to make with not a lot of prep.  And it tastes really amazing. (Especially if you hit it with a touch of fish sauce right before eating!!!)

First thing is to prep everything.  True.  But a lot of the prep you can do on the fly after you wash everything.  That's what makes this recipe really great.  Based on how long it takes to cook, throw the ingredients that don't need to cook the least in the later.  Typically I make an amount that would fill up a fry pan nicely.  Makes enough for 4-5.


Start with the onion and oil and some medium heat.  It always starts with the onion and oil right?  It's the base of all good cooking.  Anyhow, as the onions are starting to sweat start prepping the other ingredients.  Faced with all the bounty of the earth, I usually cut up a small pineapple and a mango first.  Fresh summer corn is next.  Fresh from the husk, no washing.  Break ear in half then run a knife down the edge to release the yellow kernels from the cob.  I find this way you get a better yield versus running a knife along the edge of the whole ear.  At this point, it's some combination of spinach, zucchini, pepper, grape tomatoes, snap peas, carrots, radishes...  Basically whatever tastes good raw and you don't need to cook for a long time like potatoes.  The more colors the better.

Once all the veggies have made it into the pan.  Chop up the shrimp and throw them in the pan and cover.  

Stir occasionally. Fold shrimp into the food..  Cook for a minimum of 5 minutes.  Serve over rice or quinoa...  Fish sauce optional.  



What takes longest prepping is the shrimp.  Peeling/deveining them is time consuming.  I have a cool trick I learned when I used to work at a fish market in my youth.  If I get enough requests, I'll make a tutorial because this trick is a GREAT hack.


Also you can substitute chicken or tofu instead of shrimp if you prefer.  Still delicious. We would recommend throwing the chicken in once the onions are browned so you don't get salmonella.


Music by El Beatardo